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Champion Cynthia’s Pokemon GIVEAWAY 

These Pokemon are the pre-evolutions, minus Spiritomb, of Cynthia’s team from Pokemon Black 2’s PWT! These are ALL SHINY.


  • Reblog this ONCE and you are entered!
  • Have your inbox open!
  • NO Giveaway blogs. I WILL CHECK. 
  • Likes DO NOT count.
  • You DO NOT have to be following me. But feel free to. e ue
  • You MUST have either X or Y!

I will use a number generator to determine the winners! There will be 6 winners! Who ever messages first gets first pick! 



So tell me what’s worse, objectively: A 15-year-old with specific phobias trying to be nice and keep an eye out for people with similar ones in their community, or grown adults who mock and harass that 15-year-old because they don’t share or understand those phobias. Think about that logically

Not understanding someone’s phobias, no matter unfathomable they are to you, doesn’t need to affect you negatively. Just walk away. Let them be. There is no logical justification for pursuing any kind of conflict or harassment

And yes yes I know it’s fun to make fun of people who are more sensitive to things than you are but like also maybe don’t






i was on ebay looking for pendants of the one ring for a friend’s birthday and this was the picture on one of the first search results

we’re onto you obama

we’re onto you obama

wanna know who else could wear it without going invisible

fine then dont come cryin to me when you wake up one day and the white house has been replaced with a giant tower and your president is politely asking you to refer to him as the lord of mordor

please stop reblogging this im scared the fbi are going to appear at my doorstep

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