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The reason Yuya was getting all blushy and happy when he first met Shingo was because Shingo told him that only special people can wield rare cards such as the Pendulum ones

Then he proceeded to steal them and use them for himself

That’s why Yuya was upset when he Pendulum Summoned during their duel and was hoping that what he was doing was all a lie

i mean what it took him like 270+ tries to get it right?

and then this asshole steals it and does it perfectly on the first try.

with his cards. those were his cards.


they’re his special cards that make him special

right? aren’t they?



DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT MAKES THIS WORSE do you really want to fucking know

those cards of his, even before they were changed into something rare and special and into something supposed to be his and his alone they didn’t really fit in with the rest of his deck theme his deck shown so far were the bright and colorful Entermates and they’re fun they’re great but he was using them for his clownish show to get the crowd drawn in and laughing and then he was supposed to use them to throw off the buffoonery and no longer need to keep anyone from making fun of his father by defeating the champion in one blow

except he fucked up he fucked that up he fucked that up so bad and he was going to lose and then they changed they changed into something special and his but he doesn’t remember it happening but it’s okay because they’re his right he’ll just work with them and learn with them and they’re his and he can learn he can make this right

and then this asshole claiming to be super-rare and the chosen one worthy of the chosen cards takes them and uses them flawlessly and what does that mean does that mean he’s just trash that got those cards by mistake

what does it mean for him but they were histhey were his-

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